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Welcome to the art page! Sometimes I may have friends who are also displaying their art on here. To the left is one of my commissions of a man with his old wood cutting machine. You can see stuff like this and more on here. At this time commissions are closed.

Art Categories


A memory in life

An 11x14 painting I did of a gentleman in his home. Done with acrylics and tempera.

A young couple

7x10 couple's portrait Done with pencils.

Cat portrait

7x10 pet portrait Done in Colored pencils.

Little Puppy

7x10 pet portrait. Done with pencils.

Yogurt Painting

11x14 acrylic painting for a frozen yogurt business.

If you are interested in a commission, you may contact me through this website.

Art Prints

These pictures do not have the originals for sale, but there are prints available. Please email me for available print sizes.

Guardian of the roses

A blend of traditional art with digital, this art piece features multi colored haired woman surround by roses. Coloured pencils and digital tools were used.

Dandelion Breeze

Fully done in pencils. This is the mythical Deer-Fox" creature. I based it's design off of the real life "Maned Wolf" really does run in the fashion of a deer, so all I did was add antlers of a deer and an antelope for this design.

A small girl or a giant world

A traditional marker with digital tools. Is this a small girl in a giant world, or normal world with a tiny girl?

Springtime butterflies

A simple digital drawing of butterflies peacefully fluttering around a flower.

Dragon Sketch

Done with pencils

A piece of nature

A sketch I did after a hike. Taking inspiration from the pictures I took.

Original Art

Sparky the dragon

Marker drawing on the 4in x 6in bristle. Just a little dragon pictures Price $10.00

Electric Eel

4in x 6in Gouache painting on black art paper. In person, the eel's body shines in the light. Price $10.00

Free downloads

Sage Brush

Small marker sketch

After Rain

Watercolour ladybug with uplifting scripture.

Ladybug with Umbrella

Marker drawing